The Brief

Fundible provided technology for merchants that enabled group payment for products. They wanted to develop their brand further so they could achieve wider product roll out. The brand needed to cut through and resonate with defined audiences through an effective communications strategy and in turn drive sales.

We needed to identify and take possession of a strong purchasing rationale with a competitive advantage: a unique and ownable brand positioning, with a compelling and evocative name and identity.

To achieve this we needed to define the business proposition, the market place and the potential customers.


The Strategy

We started the rebranding process by analysing the competitive context, assessed potential target market sectors and products.

From this we identified a series of overlapping target audiences – merchants, fund creators, fund contributors and benefactors. We then analysed their needs and the drivers, isolating the key specific product/service benefits to be encapsulated in the new brand identity.

The resulting brand positioning became: The group payment method for a social generation.

We then created a brand architecture, which formed the basis for the creative brief for a new name, brand identity and supporting brand book.