Brittany Ferries

The Brief

Brittany Ferries were looking for an evolution of an existing brand advertising strategy that had been running for a couple of years.

The primary objective was to attract a wider customer base to the range of compelling but not widely recognised propositions that this alternative ferry service offers to the ‘traditional’ option of Dover-Calais. Getting you closer to the more interesting and appealing parts of France; cruising instead of just crossing; holidays, not just sailings; and many more.

The creative approach to date had been to pick out and emphasise the word ‘any’ from ‘Brittany’, using it in headlines to deliver messaging that covered a range of products, propositions and audiences.

Most recently, the hero campaign medium of TV had centred on the proposition of ‘Discovered Anything lately?’

The new creative approach and strategy had to work across a spectrum of media and comms channels, including TV, press, outdoor, radio, online and DM/EM activity.


The Strategy

We identified that whilst the use of ‘any’ was still broadly identifying messaging as coming from the Brittany Ferries brand through consistent use of the branded font, there were no coherent or consistent rules being applied. The use of ‘any’ had become indiscriminate and unfocussed.

We took a step back and reviewed all the selling propositions the brand has to offer: inherent route advantages, specific products and packages, specialist interest appeal, offers and deals.

And then we looked at the range of audiences.

And we realised that the two could be married up nicely, whist retaining the ‘any’ connection.

The solution was ‘For Anyone…’